Bring light to life


Lighting for Hospitality

Bring nature inside

Increasingly hospitality projects are a creative platform for new ideas, concepts and trends. The promise of heartfelt hospitality and authentic local experiences is underlined by an interior of unique character. Be it business hotels, resorts and spas: every concept applied to hospitality requires a lighting landscape to  communicate and bring the relevant theme to life.

DI provides people-centric lighting solutions with a diversity of natural dynamic lighting options for room situations that convey care, comfort and  enjoyment.


Lighting for Cruise

Wake-up, feel good

Looking to nature can serve as inspiration in immersing into a Cruise. Mimicking the sunset and sunrise brings nature inside and helps people to more naturally relax, fall asleep and wake-up, feeling refreshed and energized.

When we travel our body clock best adjusts to new environments with a natural wake-up. Thoughtfully integrated technology can transform a cruise cabin into a personal restorative oasis that helps balance circadian rhythm and improve

sleep and wake-up experience. Perfectly suited for ocean-view and inside cabins, people  will feel more rejuvenated and energized when waking-up. Our unique lighting content during guest activities provide an opportunity to inspire loyalty and long lasting differentiation with your own personal ‘sleep-signature’ program. It adds marginal value without marginal costs and is plug and play.

Blinding Diamonds

Lighting for Jewelry

Creation of Beauty

Naturally brilliant and masters of attraction, jewellery is a show of impeccable craftsmanship and refined art de vivre. Lighting can highlight charming shapes, reveal detail and show its natural sparkle. Design Indulgence develops Gem collection light that presents jewelry as the artist intended. From timeless daywear to the bold, glamorous, and fashionable jewelry, a light to shine brings beauty to life.

DJ with Halftone Background

Lighting for Entertainment

Happy moments together

Extraordinary experiences for the most prominent professional clubs, the biggest EDM festivals and dazzling tours; lighting can help to make every tour more spectacular than the last.
Our flexible linear entertainment lighting fixtures deliver memorable and innovative spectrum-based effects for every experience.


Tissue culture lighting


People and plants perceive light differently. Plants have a broad sensitivity for photosynthesis and in some cases a preference for blue and red light. Light could stimulate specific plant processes and morphology. Our latest innovation project is focused on creating better outcomes with lighting for tissue culture labs.


Lighting for Poultry


Light plays important role in Chicken growth and its
physical, social and emotional well-being. We bring nature inside with dedicated lighting for Broiler and Layer.


Full-range portfolio for professional applications

Our Flexible Linear Lighting solutions are designed for professional projects. This high-end range is designed to deliver enable your creativity, provide superb lighting effect and design flexibility.

With advanced manufacturing methods and a team of lighting professionals we strive towards complete satisfaction in all our projects.

Contact us for product data-sheets and information.

Advanced digital lighting technology

The patented flexible linear lighting feature special spectrum LEDs with precision dimming and lighting algorithms. Blending technological innovation, optical excellence and digital scalability we empower you to shape the creation of light. Our special LightScript chip provides people-centric lighting content that is based on the understanding of people, spaces and light.

Currently we hold more than 20 Intellectual property rights in China, United States and Europe. 

Spectrum LEDs for each application

The one-of-a-kind LEDs combination can also deliver superb natural white and smoothly blend human centric lighting with ambient lighting for a comfortable feeling. Sunrise orange LEDs create warm shades of light, twilight hues and a true-to-nature glow. Human centric spectrum can also enhance architecture and materials in the best possible way and adds special effects in bars and clubs. Lighting can live up to its potential in benefits for human biology, vision and emotion.

Reliability and speed

Co-creation and innovation starts with a conversation. We can co-create for special projects where we research the end-user application, experience-flow and business needs. With a solid understanding of the current state we propose new propositions that enhance experience, create business value and long lasting differentiation enabled with digital light.
We co-create with end-users, designers, architects, brands and owners.

Managing Director - Strategy and Technology

Banly Cheung

Banly Cheung started Design Indulgence and drives strategy, sales and technology. He is a lighting enthusiast and visionary.

In 1984 Banly Cheung co-founded NCW Holdings LTD (known as BOTEX) and grew it into a world-leading company in entertainment lighting. The company was acquired by Royal Philips N.V. in 2010 and Mr. Cheung became Chief Technology Officer at Philips Entertainment Lighting in Asia.

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